New season

New Season Mussels

Small, soft & sweet.
The new mussel season has arrived at the Kinkawooka Shellfish farm in Boston Bay, South Australia and we are really excited about the quality of our crop. Over the past 12 months we have made significant improvements to every aspect of our farming, grading and processing which, combined with near perfect growing conditions, has resulted in mussels which are small in size but big in meat and taste. We are proud to say that this years crop is ‘best ever’ – just try eating them, you’ll agree.

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Taking a look at the mussel ropes out in the bay. The Kinkawooka new season mussels are still small, soft and sweet! Prime time for fresh South Australian mussels!! #kinkawookamussels #sustainable #portlincoln #mussels 📸 @foodwinedine ...

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