Boston Bay

Half way between Sydney and Perth is the Eyre Peninsula – at the bottom of this barren expanse of wheat farming and wilderness lies Boston Bay. 3.5 times the size of Sydney Harbour, Boston Bay is where the desert meets the sea, an area of spectacular rugged seas and coastal savannah.


At the heart of Boston Bay lies Port Lincoln, home to Australia’s largest commercial tuna fishing fleet and hub of both the wild harvest and aquaculture fisheries in South Australia. The attraction for fishermen and aquaculture companies to this remote part of the world are the cold, nutrient rich waters of the Great Southern Ocean. Fed by the upwellings from Antarctica and carried up to the Australian mainland by the legendary “roaring Forties” of the Southern Seas, the waters of Boston Bay have long held a world wide reputation for the quality of the Tuna, Prawns, Abalone, Crayfish and Whiting.

Of recent times, a number of aquaculture seafood’s have been added to this list – Oysters, Abalone and now Black Mussels.

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Kinkawooka Seafood starts THIS THURSDAY at ORGANIC CORNER STORE GLENELG NORTH The Kinkawooka mussels are grown and harvested in the pristine waters of Port Lincoln, SA. The mussels are small, soft and sweet. They are harvested weekly and are packaged in 1 kg "POT READY" bags (cleaned and de-bearded) with a 10 day shelf life. Kinkawooka is fully certified sustainable and organic. Pre-orders are available for each market with the pricing as $9/kilo. Contact Maya maya.puglisi@kinkawookamussels.com.au to guarantee your order. Spencer Gulf prawns - harvested in the Spencer Gulf of South Australia (out harvesting at the moment). Pre-orders are available for Christmas. They come in 5kg boxes either frozen, cooked or raw. We work on a special market price for our customers.

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