Family history

Bob Puglisi and son Andrew, are 5th and 6th generation fishermen, who have been at the leading edge of contemporary fisheries in Australia over the past 40 years. With a rich heritage of both fishing and cooking from their homeland in Southern Italy, the Puglisi family know that the unique waters fed by the Great Southern Ocean, and the sunny Mediterranean climate of the West Coast of South Australia could produce some of the finest shellfish in the world.

As pioneers of both the Spencer Gulf Southern Prawn fishery (respected globally as a shining example of sustainable fishery management) and the farming of the mighty Southern Bluefin Tuna they have built an enviable reputation as being amongst the most visionary members of the seafood community.

Kinkawooka Shellfish’s reputation for producing quality seafood has been enhanced with the development of their mussel farming operation in Boston Bay, with the commissioning of an integrated mussel farm and land based processing facility, which is without peer in Australia.

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April plump, juicy mussels! #Repost @threeblueducks
Farm lunch 🌿 Kinkawooka mussels, yellow curry, turmeric,lemongrass, Farm greens, Nimbin Valley rice, shallots & charred lime! #threeblueducks #byronbay

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